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Tajpur Blog : Weekend Destination Around Kolkata in Unlock 4.0

 Tajpur: Weekend Destination Around Kolkata By Arnab Saha

After the long term lock down period when the whole world has started walking again with its wobble steps suddenly me and my friend Rhittick had decided to go for a short trip in the middle of September. So as per our decision we started searching for our destination. And we came to know about Tajpur (East Medinipur district of West Bengal) so decided to go there and managed to find out a resort and safe transport as well. Within two days we found a resort named Mouchak which was just 3 mins away from sea beach, got a booking too in Redbus. One Saturday we reached there but let me mention that the condition of the road was so poor it is unable to describe. So after reaching there our energy had been boosted by hearing the roar of great Bay of Bengal. As fast as possible we kept our luggage at our room and started running towards beach when we reached the beach literally saying I forgot about everything just closed my eyes and started taking fresh oxygen in my lungs. After seven months of being locked in an apartment that experience was just remarkable. Okay now let me give a basic idea about food. There was no local food stall everyone has to have their meals from their hotels or resorts. And there was no market near sea beach even in that area. But few dhabas are available in the beach with stock of alcohol and fish fries. Generally Tajpur is a remote village you will get the taste of village there. There was a another visiting place in Tajpur that is Mohana (Estuary) where river meets the ocean 3-5 minutes away from beach, well decorated with beautiful statues and sculpture you will get to see here the Red crabs all over the beach Few temporary food stalls were there tea and coconuts are available always. Our tour was for three days and two nights. 


Tajpur is popular for the beauty of its Sea beach and also for less crowded area. In my point of view Tajpur is one of the best weekend destination for its environment. Basically Tajpur is located in Purba Medinipur (District of west Bengal) on the shore of Bay of Bengal Tajpur is in between Mandarmani and Shankarpur. Tajpur is 172.9 km via NH16 and NH116B from Kolkata.


Beach is clean there are infinite numbers of grey coloured crabs play hide and seek with the sand. Literally saying dawn of this beach is just fantastic don’t miss it. Enjoy it with tea. 


 This is 4 mins away from main sea beach this beach is not so clean. Condition of this beach is not satisfying. Red crabs are all over this place. There is a broken tower anybody can climb up and take photos. Few photos of estuary

Some well decorated place of Estuary for tourists


The nearest railway station is Digha in Howrah-Digha railways.


There are multiple buses from Kolkata. Kolkata to Tajpur buses easily can be booked by using Redbus app or Wbstc app, bus fare 300-400 per head. Main bus stand is behind Esplanade Metro station. Takes near about 5 hours.


After crossing Vidyasagar bridge, Kona Expressway leads to Mumbai road. Total drive takes almost 4.5 hours actually it depends on traffic via Kolaghat and Nandakumar. And there is a right turn towards Contai. In this high way there is a stoppage named Balisai where the left side village road meets to Tajpur but note that the condition of this particular road is very poor. So be careful.

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